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Foxboro restaurant calls for an emergency commercial cleaning.

11/21/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Foxboro restaurant calls for an emergency commercial cleaning. SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield is here to help when you need us the most! We specialize in emergency services to get your business back up and running.

Sometimes the property damage isn’t your fault!

Most of the time property damage is caused when someone's  plumbing pipes break or appliances malfunction within your own space. However, this isn't always the case as one Foxboro restaurant owner found out the hard way. Over the weekend, he was called to come down to his restaurant immediately because the fire alarms were going off in his unit.

At first, he was relieved when he got the news that there was no fire damage at his restaurant! As a matter of fact, his unit seemed perfectly fine, or so he thought. Once the fire department inspected all the units they confirmed no fire had occurred.

Instead, they noted that workers next door were jackhammering the concrete floors to install new plumbing and had caused concrete dust to fill the air in the units setting off all the alarms in the complex.

Unfortunately, the inspector had to deliver the bad news to the restaurant owner that his unit too was completely affected by the concrete dust. He told the owner that his unit would need to be cleaned and sanitized before opening for business again. At first, they didn't think much of it, they had cleaned the restaurant many times before, but the inspector told them that they should call a professional company to do the cleaning due to the cause. They explained that the fine concrete dust was everywhere and covered everything in the restaurant right down to the light fixtures and salt and pepper shakers on every table. They didn't know how they were going to get everything cleaned so they could open for business then someone on scene recommended they called SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield.

Within an hour we responded and began the process of cleaning every square inch of the restaurant. We were able to give them peace of mind knowing that their restaurant was cleaned and sanitized, so they could get back to doing what they do best, cooking for the neighborhood!

A few days later, I was in the area and stopped by to see how everything was during lunchtime. I was happy to see a full restaurant serving amazing food and thought to myself today is a perfect fall day for some soup. As I sat enjoying a delicious bowl of homemade beef stew and watching the staff and customers converse I realized that this is the reason why we do what we do! Bad things happen to good people sometimes and I am proud to say we have their back when it does!

5 Ways to Build a Better Business Image Through Cleaning

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Commercial 5 Ways to Build a Better Business Image Through Cleaning SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield offers experienced, expert cleanup and restoration technicians who will handle all commercial cleaning services for your

Can A Taunton Business Build A Better Business Image Simply Through Cleanliness?

Every business wants to see their premises neat and clean. Cleanliness is necessary to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the space. The business owners always want to win over their clientele with their impeccable attention to detail. However, this does not happen without due efforts. There are a number of tasks related to cleaning that is undertaken to make your commercial property look better. This includes air ducts and HVAC cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, ceiling and floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and most importantly, mold remediation. If you are looking to get these services via a professional company, then you can get in touch with us, SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield. Our skilled cleanup crew and restoration technicians will leave your property spick and span!

Air Ducts and HVAC Cleaning

All commercial properties have a ventilation system which may be prone to contamination by dust, dirt, etc. if left unchecked. Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning unit (HVAC) may be responsible for the circulation of dust, pollen, odors, dirt and debris and other contaminants if these remain uncleaned for a long period of time. Hence, duct cleaning becomes necessary. But before you slide in a new cleaning budget to your business, first call a representative from our company to get an inspection for better guidance. Call us for air ducts and HVAC cleaning as we routinely undertake such a cleaning task in the most professional way. Monitoring your ducts in time will save you money and provide you with clean air to breathe.

Carpets and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet and upholstery add a statement of style to your commercial property and its cleaning is a must. Carpets trap dirt, dust, pet hair and soil since they act as a filter to keep your spaces from getting overly untidy. Some of the preventive maintenance actions for carpet cleaning are regular vacuuming, spot removal, moving furniture to change traffic patterns, use of walk-off mats to restrict the amount of soil on a carpet and pilating the carpet to prevent matting among other measures. If you’re looking to get effective carpet cleaning, get in touch with us as we have state-of-the-art equipment with years of experience on our side. The services we offer include bonnet, showcase premier, dry cleaning, hot water extraction, deluxe precondition and rinse, to deliver the best results with a high rate of satisfaction.

Maintenance of Ceiling, Floor, and Wall

Ceiling, wall and floor cleaning is an integral part of the cleaning procedure for business properties. Walls and ceilings are susceptible to dirt, dust, pet dander, cooking oils and grease, cigarette smoke and other contaminants which taint the original element of beautification. If you are thinking of getting a paint job done in your office, then keep in mind to fix all and any holes and cracks in the ceilings, walls, and floors. In doing so, you will end up with a smoother surface when painted anew. Floors like hardwood and tiles also need to be cleaned and may require additional attention as the soil that accumulates on it in time may be harder to get rid of. We have an approved cleaning method for such surfaces which enables our professionals to restore the beauty of your property to its former glory.

Deep Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is an important and the most used part of any commercial premises. Due to frequent use, dirt and dust may pose a problem over time. Proper deep cleaning of kitchens becomes imperative after a certain period as dust can accumulate on fixtures, cabinets, and appliances present in the kitchen. This may harm the food and may even lead to health concerns. Get it effectively deep cleaned after a few months to keep the environment and occupants healthy.  

Effective Mold Remediation

Mold is a nasty problem for any property. It affects the appearance of its black icky growth. Targeted restoration and effective cleaning procedures should be followed to deal with mold damage removal. Hire our competent mold remediation services and our experience and skilled restoration technicians will take care of the rest.

SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield offers highly trained cleanup and restoration technicians for commercial cleaning. For details, Call (508) 824-0200.

Essential Tips for Sewage Cleanup for Businesses

11/10/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Essential Tips for Sewage Cleanup for Businesses Want an effective and quick sewage cleanup? Pick your phone and call SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield at (508) 824-0200.

When the residents of the City of Taunton need sewage cleanup they rely on SERVPRO to get the job done right.

Sewage issues are often neglected because of the icky factor but if left unchecked, these can become very problematic for the entire property. Any issue in this regard needs to be handled instantly in order to avoid foul odor and infectious effluent. The contaminated water from leakage in your property is usually divided into three types by professional cleaning companies; clean water, gray water and black water. Sewage cleanup generally refers to the removal of black water as it contains untreated sewage, harsh chemicals, and microbes from flooding of rivers or sewer backup. Yes, we admit that it is a dirty job but it is a necessary evil nonetheless. For commercial properties, it becomes an even more serious issue because if it is not handled instantly, it can greatly affect your business, reputation and brand image. If you require sewage cleanup, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield. We will deliver you with effective solutions, cleanup and restoration included.

Initial Cleaning Steps to Take

Here are a few things that you can instantly and initially do at your commercial property to mitigate any sewage issue:

  • Shovel solids in a heavy plastic bag and disposing of it in the trash.
  • Use rags or paper towel to clean up liquid and throw them in a plastic bag to dispose of.
  • Use wet/dry vacuum to clean up remaining water.
  • Tape a path of plastic sheet to the floor to avoid soiling other areas on the property.
  • Place all damaged and undamaged items outside to dry out in the open.
  • Swab the area with an effective industry standard bleach solution.

How Professionals Handle It

You have done all that could have been done, and now it’s time for our professionals to handle the job till it’s done. Remember, these cleanup issues may sound a bit off-putting but it is crucial for any business to remediate them as soon as possible. When making the choice for a cleanup crew, keep in mind that you need professionals who can ensure productive results. SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield is a leading name that you can trust for sewage cleanup. We will pump out and remove the muck. In addition, we will deodorize through the use of our advanced cleaning equipment and best practices. This equipment includes fans, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, etc. to provide your business with the best cleanup services.

Which Professionals to Consult

In sewage cleanup, there may be different types of issues which might require the skill set of a particular professional. The following is a list of crew members with their respective expertise:

  • Septic Specialist:

If you are facing a problem related to backup septic tank, then you may have to consult a septic specialist. If you have called our company, you can get this specialist or a plumber that offers emergency drain cleaning services.

  • Sewer Worker:

If you have an issue related to city sewer system, then you should call the concerned sewage department to ensure whether the clog is due to a city sewer problem or not. If it is, then you will have to get in contact with the concerned department to handle it properly.

  • Drain Cleaners:

If the problem is rooted in the connection between your property and the city line, due to clogging or otherwise, then you will have to hire a drain cleaner or a plumber to fix the issue.

Five things to Know about House Insurance

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

General Five things to Know about House Insurance SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield helped a family in Mansfield, MA recover.

At times it seems like SERVPRO is the bridge between the customer and carrier in Mansfield, MA. What does that mean? Well, we work directly with you, our customer, and the adjuster, who represents the carrier. And what we find in most cases is that people who have had insurance for even years don't understand their insurance policies are required to converse with professionals in the insurance industry that both interpret and enforce insurance policies every day. Below is a collection of resources and questions we are often asked about that could help people understand their insurance coverage a little bit better. I hope this article not only helps people when it comes to buying insurance but also if they ever need to use their insurance policy. Now, I know this stuff isn’t exciting to think about, but we know that knowledge is power which can lead to peace of mind for many folks.

Know Your Rights

We often hear of Public Adjusters and Restoration Companies show up right behind the fire truck (otherwise known as a Fire Chaser) who claim they are trying to help folks that have just experienced a devastating fire loss to their home and personal belongings. However, some see this as preying on folks that may have impaired judgment under such a stressful situation.  Your insurance carrier or agent may also suggest someone you should call to help with your water damage. And then there is always the neighbors down the street that had that terrible ice dam during the winter of 2015 that ruined their roof, ceilings and the majority if their holidays for the better part of a year while they were settling their claim and dealing with repairs. No matter who you turn to for advice, it is equally important to understand that you have the right to hire whoever you want to repair your property. Make sure the person or company doing the work is experienced, trained and seasoned in the type of service you will be needing, and they carry insurance that includes worker’s compensation and liability or run the risk of needing to file yet another insurance claim for liability if anything should happen during the repair process.

Question: Who Do I Tell About Changes I Might Make?

Answer: Your local agent is the best person to call to let know of changes like jewelry purchases, but they are also the folks you want to call when you are making a move!

You should call your agent at least 30 to 60 days before any move, so they can go over the change of address and any new or different coverage they may suggest, or you want for the new place. The rates may change based on the zip code or geographical region. Having the conversation well in advance of your move is an opportunity to ensure you can have "no hidden surprises" by having all the coverage you need or want when you arrive at your new place. 

Be prepared to ask the question of with new or different coverage, "will my premium and or deductible change?" It's important to understand ALL the changes that will happen to your policy before something happens! 

The expression we here time and time again from folks is, “I hope I never need your services!” Please keep in mind, furnace malfunctions, pipe breaks and appliances break without notice.  It’s always better to be prepared then not when these situations occur. If you need help cleaning up after a water or fire damage, please give us a call 508-339-3595. We can make damage, “Like it never even happened.”

Here to Help!

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Here to Help! Learning what to do if you have a water or fire damage in Taunton, MA helps you recover quicker.

Other Things to Consider

Water and fire damage can happen in Taunton, MA in a blink of an eye. Sometimes the situations are minor and cause minimal disruption to your life. Other times the situation can be much more serious. So serious that your gas, water or power needs to be shut off. Which may signify that things may have to be addressed immediately. Ensuring that the whole family knows how to find and power down each utility shutoff can be a key part of dealing with these potential hazards in these types of situations.

Where To Find It: The main water shutoff valve will likely be near the water line at the point where it enters your house. Look in the basement and in your utility room; in some areas, the valve may be located on an outside wall near the utility area of your home.

How To Shut It Off: Turn the valve clockwise. Then, turn on your faucets to test whether you’ve turned off the correct valve. 

Take a tour of your home today with the tips below as your guide. (Keep in mind, though, that if you are experiencing a fire or water damage you or your family should only take these steps if it is safe to do so.) Special Considerations: Contact a plumber or your utility provider if you have trouble locating the shutoff valve. Label it with a tag when you do identify it. We can provide a shut off tag for you by contacting us by phone or email. 

Who do you need on speed dial if anything happens? Of course, if you need First Responders dial 911. Next is your landlord if you rent. If you own the property and need service as soon as possible hopefully you have the local restoration company already in your contacts. SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield has a free and easy application (ERP) that links you directly with our office in these times.  The quicker you stop the damage the better. With water damages mold growth can start as soon as 48 hrs. With soot or fire damage the secondary damage happens immediately with what is referred to as transferring. It happens when things with soot on them are touched and then you touch something else. Footprints are the most prevalent and can cause the most damage to areas not ordinarily effected.  Here are some great tips to help you through the process.

If you would like to learn more about planning ahead, we can set you up with a FREE Emergency Ready Profile (ERP). Just give us a call at 508-824-0200.

The Facts About Renter’s Insurance

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Question: If I Rent Do I Still Need Insurance Coverage?

Answer: If you own personal belongs such as a television, computer, furnishings and clothing that may need to be replaced if something happens such as a break-in or fire, the answer is YES!  Even if you don't own a home, unexpected things do happen. Whether you're renting a studio apartment or single-family home, renters insurance may help protect you and your "stuff." We have come across situations where properties have experienced tremendous water or fire damage whether it is from a pipe break or electrical malfunction to learn that the persons renting the apartment or house do not have renter's insurance. Usually, we have to give them the "bad news" that the property owner's insurance covered does not include their personal belongs.

Question: What does Renters Insurance Cover?

Answer: Landlord insurance is designed to help protect the owner's dwelling, while you, the renter, are usually responsible for protecting the belongings you keep inside.  Think about all the stuff you own. The value of your belongings can quickly add up. Personal property coverage, a typical component of renter’s insurance, may help cover the cost of replacing your stuff if it's unexpectedly damaged or ruined. 

Question: Does Renter's Insurance Have a Deductible?

Answer: Before renter’s insurance pays out to help pay for a covered loss, you will need to pay a deductible. The amount of your deductible is often decided by the cost of your premium, which is the amount you pay your insurance company to keep your policy in- force. Just like home owner's insurance coverage, you will find that the lower your premium, the more your deductible may be for each covered loss. Your deductible and premium are listed in your policy and can be changed if you need them to.

Homeowners Insurance Questions and Answers

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Homeowners Insurance Questions and Answers SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield is available to fix the damage from a water or fire damage in the Greater Bristol County.

Know Your Deductible

Question: What does it mean when you have meet your deductible? 

Answer: Most insurance policies, whether home, auto or health use this method of meeting your deductible. For example, if your deductible is $250, you must spend $250 for doctors' visits or for prescription medications before your health insurance company will start to pay. Insurance policies can have a wide variance of deductibles. We have seen them as low as $250 and as high as $50,000 (however, both of those are few and far in between) depending on the location and circumstances. A typical family household most likely has a deductible of about $1000. Here's a good explanation of why insureds are required to pay a deductible.  If something such as a computer, cell phone or tablet were stolen, there is going to be coverage for that, but the deductible may exceed the value of the loss item.

Know Your Limits

Question: Does my homeowner’s policy have any limits of coverage?

Answer: Most insurance carriers do place limits on the policies that they write to protect themselves financial.  It's equally important to know that, whether it's during a move or not, any property covered by homeowner’s insurance will only be protected up to the limits on your policy on the day the damage occurred. Your policy may also include a lower limit for your personal property while it's away from your residence premises. Another example of limits to policies would be mold removal. Many carriers choose to have $10,000 limits for claims requiring any work relating specifically to mold remediation work.

In addition, there are different standard limits depending on the category of property. An example would be jewelry or collectibles; your policy may state maximum coverage amounts for such items. However, your agent may suggest purchasing extra coverage and creating a scheduling for items that are of significant value so you get protection for them up to their appraised value, not just the standard personal property limit. No one wants to spend $15,000 for a diamond ring only to get $10,000 for it when it comes time to file a claim!

Know Your Costs

Question: How Much Does It Cost to Insure a Home?

Answer: The types and amount of coverage you need depends on many factors. These factors include your home's size, location, and amenities. Meaning there isn't a simple answer that works in every case. Hint: How much you pay for your home may not be a key factor in the cost of the cost of insurance coverage. The formula for determining good insurance coverage takes many factors like the cost to replace it if something happened.

Question: Does My Location Change the Cost of Insurance?

Answer: Geographic location often affects the type of risks your home is exposed to. For instance, if you own a home on Cape Cod, Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard, you may be required to have different insurance coverage limits than those set by the owner of the exact same home in a neighborhood in the Taunton area of Bristol County. Why? Dwelling coverage limits are based on replacement cost, which can vary by location due to different construction or material costs in each area.

Another factor is the cost of labor and materials in different geographic areas. Since homeowner’s insurance typically helps cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding a home if it's damaged or destroyed by a covered peril (water, wind and fire damage are examples of peril), the amount of insurance you may need partly depends on what it would cost to complete the work in your town. Labor costs, in particular, vary significantly in different markets.

And why wouldn't you simply choose dwelling coverage limits that match the purchase price of your house? The actual labor and material costs to repair or rebuild your home could end up being less than what you paid. Or it could be costlier to rebuild your home. A local agent can help you understand the options, so you can choose the coverage that's appropriate for you.

We hope this information has taken a little of the mystery out of the frequently asked questions we receive. And because insurance policies vary so greatly, we strongly suggest that people ask their agent the specifics of their policy. And of course, if you ever need help with a water or fire damage please give us a call at 508-824-0200.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

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General Homeowners Insurance Coverage SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield has earned the trust of the insurance industry for providing the highest quality of customer service in Raynham, MA.

It's a picture-perfect day as you pose with your loved ones standing on the porch of your newly purchased home in Raynham, MA. Both you and your husband have worked overtime to save enough money to secure a mortgage. You have spent countless hours surfing the internet and going to open houses where you may want to raise your kids. The neighborhoods with the best schools, churches and playgrounds. No one thinks the thought that there may be a storm brewing on the horizon in the form of a hurricane or Nor'easter which can bring a flood of concerns that your family's home and personal property could get damaged or worst, lost forever. If it did happen would you be ready?

I’m not talking about whether you have the standard list of supplies needed if you lost the electricality like flashlights, batteries or even a good supply of bottle drinking water. I’m talking about are you ready to deal with the eminent loss claim of damage caused to your property, your belongings and most importantly your home. Speed forward to standing on the exact same porch you stood on with your loved ones happily taking photos with proud faces and now instead imagine you are standing there talking with the claims adjuster and the restoration company who are there to help you through not only a difficult time but also the process of filing a claim to recover your life. What type of coverage did you buy? Was it a policy that provides actual cash value protection which typically covers belongings up to their current market value (taking depreciation into account) or was it a policy that includes replacement cost coverage that helps you pay to replace your items at today's retail prices after a covered loss?  

If the thought running through your head is, "I don't know," take the time to learn more and gain control. We will journey down this road and hopefully help folks be able to answer the question, would you be ready to deal with a loss at your home with a strong conviction, “YES, I AM”! This series of blog postings will touch on different aspects of insurance, types of policy coverage and limits and the lingo used in the industry to discuss such topics.

Please keep in mind that the information in this blog series is very broad scope of this topic and understand that this information is from the perspective of a restoration company we see a lot of customers struggling with understanding the process. And while no two jobs are ever the same there are some common themes that we will point out in the series.

If you have questions about water removal service in Raynham, MA give us a call at 508-824-0020.

What to Consider Regarding Mold Growth After Flooding

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Biohazard What to Consider Regarding Mold Growth After Flooding SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield is a professional water removal and mold restoration service which serves areas of Taunton and Mansfield, Massachusetts.

How to Handle Mold Growth After Flood Damage

Mold growth is a natural process that begins or speeds up once space has been flooded. Due to the excess water accumulation, the mold is provided with ideal conditions to breed. Before it starts to appear visibly, it makes the water musty which is another indication of mold growth in progress. For professional mold restoration services, it has to be eradicated completely to save the property of the client. Here are a few things to consider once mold starts growing after a flood:

Timeframe for Mold Growth

As an active, lauded and trusted water removal service in Taunton, MA and Mansfield, MA, SERVPRO has handled a huge number of mold removal cases. With years of experience on our side, we can clearly tell you that there is no set-in-stone timeframe for mold growth. However, according to EPA and CDC, the mold growth begins anywhere between 24 to 48 hours after flooding. During our services, we also consider the musky smell of accumulated water to be indicative of mold growth even if the mold is not visibly prominent. Depending on the area in question, external factors may also boost the process of mold growth. Warm, humid, dingy and dark spaces are more prone to mold than spaces that are properly ventilated.

Mold Removal Services

Professional mold removal services offer complete packages that cover everything under their restoration. Before you invest your time and money, contact the service and inquire about the procedures and available packages. A competent service such as ours, SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield, will always guide you with the right information so you can restore your property in the most productive way possible. We ensure that our clients receive the best quality removal service along with customer success, satisfaction, and happiness. Our expert crew is seasoned with experience in all sorts of damage restoration and mold is one of them.

To Hire or Not to Hire

SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield is a reliable service for commercial mold removal in Mansfield, MA as well as Taunton, MA. We also handle residential property to remediate mold whether it is on a large scale or confined to a small space. There are numerous tips and tricks for mold removal that you can carry out on your own. However, EPA and CDC recommend that you call in professionals to handle mold growth if it exceeds a total area of a 10-foot-by-10-foot area or 100 square feet. In these cases, we are always available round the clock on our emergency helpline. Just give us a call and we will swoop in to save your property and belongings while restoring it efficiently and effectively.

Save What You Can

Before you call us or our crew reaches you, there are a few things that you may be able to save on your own from the water damage. Keep in mind that before taking any action, ensure the safety of everyone including yourself.

Here’s what you can usually save:

  • Non-porous and solid items such as china, jewelry, porcelain, glass, metal and the likes
  • Furniture, even if its wood, can be saved provided it was in good condition before damage
  • A few types of appliances and electronics that have not been affected directly by water
  • Clothing, textile, artwork and similar items which hasn’t sustained much damage
  • Important legal documents, books, and photographs with minimal mold and water damage

For more information on mold restoration in Taunton, MA and mold removal in Mansfield, MA, call (508) 824-0200.

5 Places in Your House Where Water Causes Damage

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Water Damage 5 Places in Your House Where Water Causes Damage Get SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield for effective and lasting results for water removal in Taunton, MA and Mansfield, MA. We handle houses of all sizes a

5 Places in Homes Prone to Water Damage

Water is a necessity of life but the damage caused by water is a serious concern. It can’t be ignored as it can deteriorate your property. The aesthetic appeal of the residential space is ruined if water leakage occurs or if it suffers flooding. Since homeowners are proud of their homes, any kind of water damage will affect it aesthetically and even structurally. Water damage can shatter the elegance and outlook of the property. If you are looking for water removal service in Taunton, then SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield is here to help you. Our specialized machinery and equipment, and well-trained crew are used to handling water damage situations professionally. Here’s a list of places in your house that might get damaged by water leakages and flooding:

Another Break in the Wall

Walls and pillars are most prone to damage caused by water. Due to this damage, leakages, cracks or holes may appear in them. If unchecked, water can easily flow inside these. As a result, the strength of walls or pillars may get compromised. Aesthetically speaking, no homeowner wants to see such ugliness on their walls.

Similar to walls, any damage caused on the floors by water, be it small or large, is likely to compromise the structure of the entire house. If your house is carpeted wall-to-wall, water will affect it greatly. However, in case of another flooring, it may seep in further and may damage the beams and foundations upon which the house stands.

Pipe It Right, Or Wrong

Water accumulation or leakage results in corrosion. Pipes in kitchens, bathrooms and even in the basement can get affected if water damage is unchecked for a longer period of time. Water connections and taps should be checked regularly to avoid unfavorable circumstances.

Damaged by Mold Growth

Mold growth is a must if water pools in and accumulates in a space for 24 to 48 hours. It damages the outlook as well as becomes a health concern, especially for sick, old and young. Moisture helps the mold to grow which is why the accumulation of water should always be prevented. SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield is a professional service for mold restoration in Taunton, MA. Get our help when the situation gets ‘ugly’.

 Beautiful Inside and Out

Most homeowners are more concerned with what lies inside their house, and hence, they do not give much heed to its exterior. However, water equally damages the exterior and the interior. Standing water outside is one of the first things that you need to take care of. Poor drainage, leaky hoses, faulty sprinklers, rusty faucets, and such can be one of the reasons why the exterior of your house is being adversely affected by water.

 Water is an unstoppable force when it gains the required momentum. In case of floods, the safety of human lives is the first priority. Once everything has been deemed safe by concerned officials, you may focus on getting your house back to how it was. Flood damage also includes water damage and mold damage, so by dealing with one restoration,

Everybody, Hit the Floor

you’re investing in getting rid of three. SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield is reliable for water removal service in Taunton, MA. Call us anytime and we will come help you restore your house from water damage of any and all magnitude.