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How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts

3/1/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield provides the best and the most efficient air duct & vent cleaning service in Taunton and Mansfield, MA.

Air ducts are a vital part of your house as they play a significant role in keeping the air quality of your house clean and healthy. These require maintenance and cleaning after a certain period of time to avoid problems related to air quality and health. When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned? Don’t remember? Your home and indoor air quality could benefit greatly from a professional air duct cleaning.

The following are a few pointers that indicate that it may be time to clean your air ducts:

Mold Growth

Take a closer look at the ductwork and you might identify mold, mildew, slime or other microbial growth within the ducts or in other HVAC system components. Mold can be one of the reasons to cause health concerns as spores are blown away every time the furnace or air-conditioner is turned on. It can make a habitat in the insulation surrounding the air ducts. If you find signs of this, replace the insulation along with getting the ducts cleaned. Looking for professionals to get rid of mold, get in touch with SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield for effective mold restoration.

Signs of Illness/Allergies

If you or a family member experiences unexpected allergies or illnesses, these symptoms could be due to poor indoor air quality. This is often a critical indication that your ducts need to be cleaned before you even examine the ductwork closely. If you’ve tried other methods to eliminate causes for allergies or illness, duct cleaning could just be the only thing left to do.

Water Damage

What is the reason behind ductwork mold? The answer is clearly water and moisture. A colony can easily start growing if water is present within the ductwork. It serves as a breeding ground for mold spores. Similarly, a leaking roof may be the main source of water damaged insulation and in the ductwork located in the attic. For these problems, you not only have to replace moldy insulation but also need to fix the leakage source, otherwise the problem will surely reappear.

Vermin Infestation

One of the many reasons to clean your air ducts is infestation of insect or rodent within. The first indications may include the sound of scamper paws or flapping wings coming from your ducts. If you find droppings, nests or other evidence in your ductwork, clean them up as soon as possible to eradicate the vermin and block the entrance point of your ductwork so pests can’t have passage to enter.

Nasty Odors

Musty, rotten or other offensive odors may swirl around your home if the ductwork has mold growth, an animal carcass or something unpleasant. The trick to freshening up your home is to clean up your air duct.

Restricted Airflow

Comfort problems throughout your home could be due to a number of issues, and restricted airflow caused by debris can be one of these. You won’t know for sure until you send a thorough checking of ducts. You might be shocked to see dust-covered cobwebs blocking airflow as well. This condition is enough to convince you that it’s time to have the ducts cleaned.

Fiberglass Ductwork

Fiberglass ducts gather more contaminants than sheet metal. It also falls apart with the passage of time and leads to gaping holes in your ducts. During an air duct inspection, check the duct material to know whether it needs to be cleaned or replaced entirely.

Excessive Dust

Excessive dust, cobwebs or other debris blowing from the vent is a clear indication that your ducts are dirty and need cleaning. Any delay in this will adversely affect the health of the residents and may even be a reason for serious health concerns.

If you want professionally handled air duct cleaning for your home or office, you can call SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield at (508) 824-0200.

Why Air Duct Cleaning is Important

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield, the leading mold restoration Taunton, MA service, also offers commercial and residential air duct cleaning.

Why Air Duct Cleaning is Important?

Air ducts and HVAC systems are prone to dust, debris, mold, and even vermin. Since these tight spaces and airways cannot be easily reached, there is a higher risk of getting infested with mold or other harmful and toxic material. There are a few preventive measures that you can take on your own to eliminate and minimize the duct contamination. Keep in mind that overtime, it will be contaminated no matter what. Hence, after a certain period of time, even if all goes well, you should hire professional air ducts and HVAC cleaning service to conduct a detailed cleanup. It will help in improving your lifestyle as well as extending the lifespan of the HVAC systems.

DIY Prevention for Duct Contamination

Here are a few pointers for duct contamination prevention:

  • Use your cooling and heating system manufacturer’s high efficiency air filters to keep the indoor pollution to the minimum
  • Make a schedule for changing filters and stick to it, and change more frequently if the filters get clogged quickly
  • Seal the edges of filters to force the air to pass only through it, and do not put a wide gap between two filters
  • During maintenance and/or construction near or on your property, seal off the air ducts and HVAC to avoid dust accumulation
  • Cleanup your home or office rooms and carpets to minimize the dust content that is being ventilated

All these steps are easy to do and can be undertaken personally. We advise caution and safety before you do it yourself. It is better to ask professionals for guidance, if not help.

Reasons to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

There is no hard and fast rule to determine whether the air ducts and HVAC in your house or office needs to cleaned. However, as a general rule, homeowners as well as businesses can opt for professional HVAC cleaning service in Mansfield, MA if one of these indications arise:

  • There is a constant foul, offensive or unusual odor present for days at a stretch. If you cannot trace it to its source, there might be some rodent or vermin decaying in the vents
  • There are visible spots or accumulation of dirt and/or debris visible to you upon light inspection
  • A musty odor is present which may indicate mold growth. Also, if you can easily see mold growing in any section of the air ducts and HVAC.
  • The HVAC and air ducts haven’t been cleaned in years

If any of these reasons suddenly prop up and with frequency, then you should consider a professional cleanup for your home or office.

Efficient Air Duct Cleaning by SERVPRO

We, at SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield, offer professional air ducts and HVAC cleaning for the homeowners and businesses in the region. Our cleaning service has garnered great results for our clientele in both the commercial as well as the domestic sector. The before-and-after comparison is evident of how efficiently our highly trained restoration specialists clean up the vents and ducts. With conducting a thorough cleanup, you ensure that offensive odors are eliminated or greatly reduced. It is also beneficial in preventing mold from growing inside the ducts and vents. Furthermore, the overall efficiency of your HVAC system is boosted as there is minimal resistance in the air flow.

For more information on our air ducts cleaning service in Taunton, MA, you are welcome to contact us anytime at (508) 824-0200.