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Fire Damage to East Taunton Structures

2/22/2021 (Permalink)

fire clean up Fire restoration services by SERVPRO are top notch. Their techs are ready 24/7 365 days a year.

Why do some contents have more pungent odors from fire damage than others?

Many clients wonder why some materials smell of smoke residue more than others after a fire. Several factors contribute to these strong odors.

SERVPRO technicians are trained to recognize smoke residues' characteristics from fire damage in East Taunton buildings and contents. Smoke particles are one-tenth of a micron to 4 microns in size. This small size allows them to penetrate surfaces easily. Also, the following conditions can help odor particles penetrate materials:

  • Porous materials absorb odors readily, e.g., fabrics, drywall, leathers.
  • Heavy concentrations contribute to higher penetrations.
  • Exposure time also increases the number of particles that are absorbed.
  • Heat expands surfaces allowing particles to penetrate. The surfaces contract when they cool, trapping smoke particles inside
  • Humidity helps odors vaporize and carry the odor vapor to the nose, making the smell seem more substantial than in dry air.

Our team acts quickly to mitigate the fire damage and the retention of smoke odors. Removal, cleaning, sanitizing, deodorization, and sealing surfaces are among the solutions used by SERVPRO to control smoke odors.

Contact SERVPRO of Taunton / Mansfield for fire damage services to East Taunton and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (508) 824-0200.

Flood damage after Storm in Taunton

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

storm damage done to ceiling Flood damage after a storm may occur. Call SERVPRO for the flooding restoration services you need.

Providing temporary electrical power during flood damage restoration in Taunton

Taunton was founded in 1637 and is one of the oldest towns in the USA. It was also known as Silver City, named after the industry that predominated during the 19th century. Christmas City is another name it became known for after starting an annual light show in 1914, which continues to this day.

There are many activities to enjoy in Taunton and the neighboring area for residents and tourists visiting the region. For example:

  • Upside Down Escape Games
  • Capron Park Zoo
  • Borderland State Park
  • La Salette Shrine
  • Norton Kayak Company
  • Simcock Farm
  • Ace Archers
  • Massasoit State Park

Upside Down Escape Games

Can you decipher clues working with your partners to escape from a locked room? The excitement builds as the clock runs down. Compete with other teams to solve puzzles and clues using intuition and logic to find your way out of the room. Bragging rights go to those who escape first.

Massasoit State Park

There are over twelve hundred acres, six lakes and ponds, and many cranberry bogs in Massasoit State Park. The Park has an extensive pathway system enjoyed by many outdoor enthusiasts, including:

  • Hikers
  • Walkers 
  • Mountain bikers
  • Skiing cross county
  • Horseback riding

Fishing on Lake Rico is allowed as long as you are using a non-motorized craft. Limited hunting is also allowed.

There are exciting activities within an hour's drive of Taunton enjoyed by residents in nearby neighborhoods.

Capron Park Zoo – in operation for 75 years, this family attraction provides education in a clean environment portraying animals worldwide.

Borderland State Park – 1843 acres, a nature preserve, with public recreational activities available, including the Ames Mansion

La Salette Shrine – dedicated to Our Lady of La Salette-Fallavaux, France. Two children reported a Marian apparition in 1846. The shrine is one of several in the United States, located in nearby Attleboro, MA, dedicated to a shrine in La Salette-Fallavaux, France.

Norton Kayak Company – take a three-hour tour by kayak of the 530 acres Norton Reservoir. Tours run daily, and the company runs camps during the summer.

Ace Archers – located in Foxborough, clients can participate in classes learning all about archery, practice open shooting and join archery club teams.

Live Electricity Can Be Extremely Dangerous After a Storm Causes Flooding

Flooding introduces many hazards such as chemical spills, bio-hazards, infectious waste, and electrical short circuits. Water and electricity can cause many issues and potentially electrocute anyone touching live wires.

SERVPRO completes a thorough inspection and takes the appropriate steps to ensure the crew's safety before beginning flood damage restoration in Taunton structures. We also provide temporary power to run water pumps, air movers, dehumidifiers, and construction equipment.

We make arrangements to remove electrical hazards. For example:

  • Turn off the main circuit breaker panel switch
  • Turn off individual circuits if only portions of the building are affected
  • we add lockout tags in each case
  • Work in progress signs are added

Contact SERVPRO of Taunton / Mansfield for flood damage in Taunton and neighboring areas. We can help 24/7. Call (508) 824-0200.

Do Some Fires Produce More Smoke Damage than Others?

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

servpro sales car with agent in front of building From start to finish, Count on SERVPRO for fire damage restoration in Taunton

Taunton Fire Damage Restoration Requires Professional Measures

There are many different types of fires, each causing significant damage to homes and businesses. Some fires burn hot, burning quickly and charring content and structures in the immediate area of the fire. While other fires burn cooler, they produce significant smoke and soot distributed throughout the building. There may also be organic material mixed with the soot.

We Deal with All Types of Fires in Taunton

SERVPRO trained technicians manage all types of fire damage in Taunton and surrounding areas. We provide services depending on the extent of the fire and smoke damage to your home or business, including:

  • Boarding up and tarps on your roof
  • Remove water and dry all content and structures
  • Removal of damaged structures or contents causing odors
  • Soot and smoke residue removal from ceilings, walls, surfaces, and contents
  • Restoration, cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection

Contact SERVPRO of Taunton / Mansfield for fire damage services to Taunton residential and commercial buildings and surrounding areas. Call (508) 824-0200. Our team is ready to respond 24/7 to help with all your fire damage needs.

What Is the Best Approach to Remove Water from Carpets after a Water Leak?

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

air movers drying office wet carpet SERVPRO saves and preserves carpets after water damage in both Taunton offices and homes

Water Cleanup and Removal from Carpets in Taunton

Carpets and the underpad beneath your carpet tend to soak up water quickly. These materials also tend to take a long time to dry if left in place. The subfloor can also absorb water quickly, begin to swell and lose structural integrity. Mold can also develop, causing potential health effects for anyone living in the home.

Complete Water Cleanup Quickly to Avoid Further Damage

SERVPRO water cleanup process in Taunton includes inspection of the carpet, the underpad, and the subfloor. We remove the rug and pad if needed. We may use weighted water extractors to remove excess water from either the carpet or the pad. We use high-capacity air movers and dehumidifiers to remove any remaining moisture. In summary, SERVPRO teams:

  • Assess the condition of water contacted surfaces
  • Recommend removal if needed of materials
  • “Float” the carpet to dry in place
  • Shampoo and restore to a like new condition

Contact SERVPRO of Taunton / Mansfield for water cleanup services to Taunton residential and commercial buildings and surrounding areas. Call (508) 824-0200.

Take Out Service at the Taunton Public Library

1/19/2021 (Permalink)

a library with no one in it It will be exciting to see the community enjoying their books from the Taunton Public Library!

Safely Social Distance and Get the Taunton Public Library Goods You Wish to Enjoy

The ability to enjoy a good book or other library materials is still available to residents of the Taunton area, even during this time of social distancing. At the Taunton Public Library, you can enjoy our Take Out Services! Please wear a mask, and proper social distancing rules are still in effect. But, you have the chance to call ahead to reserve what you need. Come in for an inside pick up, or you can take advantage of our convenient curbside services. Just get in contact with us at the library or use our online portal to place your order. We will then inform you when your holds become available.

  • Date: Ongoing during library openings
  • Where: Taunton Public Library, 12 Pleasant Street, Taunton, MA
  • Times: Inside pickup, Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm – mask required. Outside curbside available Monday through Friday 9 am to 3 pm.
  • Cost: No additional cost

We want the local community to stay safe during times of social distancing. At SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield, we are always available should you need prompt fire mitigation services. Our crew arrives fast to get to work on debris cleanup and soot and smoke residue removal. Call (508) 824-0200, and we will send technicians out as soon as possible.

Flood Damage Restoration in Taunton

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

servpro van with stacked drying equipment From flooded carpets to entire house storm damage cleanup in Taunton--Contact SERVPRO

Call SERVPRO for Help with Flood Damage Restoration

The city of Taunton has had many different names. Native Americans referred to the area as Cohannet, Tetiquet, and Titicut. It was also known as the Silver City for being the silver industry center during the initial years of the 19th century. Taunton was settled in 1637 by members of the Plymouth Colony, making it one of the US's oldest communities. Taunton is named after Taunton in Somerset, England. Another popular nickname is Christmas City.

Taunton has supported many industries over the years, including:

  • Iron Works started in 1656 until 1876
  • Textile Mills
  • Central Rail Transportation Hub
  • US Army Camp
  • The National Weather Service

Some of the things to do in Taunton include visiting

  • Massasoit State Park
  • Taunton Green
  • Old Colony History Museum
  • Gertrude M Boyden Wildlife Refuge
  • Taunton Public Library
  • Taunton Antique Center

Massasoit State Park

Massasoit State Park encompasses over 1200 acres, six lakes and ponds, and numerous cranberry bogs. There is a large trail system throughout the park for:

  • Walking
  • Hikers
  • Cycling
  • Cross country skiing
  • Horseback riding

There is also a launch for nonmotorized boats for fishing on Lake Rico. Limited hunting is also allowed.

Taunton Green

Although the season has passed, Taunton Green must be mentioned. It is a famous annual light display that has been running since December 1914. Taunton is nicknamed Christmas City. The festival features live entertainment, activities for the kids, fireworks, and a large display of holiday lights.

Old Colony History Museum

The Old Colony History Museum focuses on collecting and displaying items from Southeastern Mass pre-1850. The museum has collected over 13,000 unique items. The museum is a great venue to bring a school group or arrange a tour for those interested in Taunton's history, pre-1850. Subject to current health guidelines, the museum regularly runs events for craft persons and workshops, storytimes, free productions, and plays. There is something for all age groups.

Gertrude M Boyden Wildlife Refuge

The refuge was established in 1968 and contains open fields, picnic areas, fishing stations with two miles of nature trails, including a covered bridge and elevated boardwalk facilitating passive observation of the wetlands and birds that frequent the area.

The Taunton public library and the Taunton antique center are two other venues that many visitors indicated are interesting places to visit.

What Contaminants May Be Found in Flood Damaged Buildings?

Floodwaters raging through a neighborhood can cause a great deal of damage to homes and structures in their path. Many people focus on the physical damage the water causes. Broken windows and doors, debris and mud distributed everywhere, dirty carpets, furniture, and miscellaneous materials are just a few examples.

Many other contaminants are contained in the debris and remaining water and must be removed safely, such as:

  • Biological materials
  • Fuels and oils
  • Bacteria and viruses

Contact SERVPRO of Taunton / Mansfield for flood damage services to Taunton residential and commercial buildings and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (508) 824-0200.

Flooding from a Recent Storm is Often a Concern for Taunton Residents

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded laundry room with buckets and clothes floating everywhere Flooding is often unexpected but can severely damage your home. Contact our certified SERVPRO technicians for effective services right away.

SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield Arrive Fast to Your Taunton Home to Begin Flood Damage Mitigation and Cleanup Efforts

Bristol County in the state of Massachusetts is where you will find the city of Taunton. This city is ripe with New England heritage and just 40 miles to the south of Boston. It is also just east of Providence, Rhode Island, and 25 miles to the west of Plymouth, Massachusetts – which happens to be where the pilgrims docked when coming to this land. Taunton is found on the Taunton River, which works its way through the city. At the time that the 2010 United States Census was taken, the city included a population of 55,874 people.

Learning More About the Finer Details of Taunton, Massachusetts

In 1637, Taunton was founded by Plymouth Colony members and remained one of the oldest towns in the entire United States. The region was known as Cohannet, Tetiquet, and Titicut by the local Native Americans prior to European arrival.

Silver City is one name given to Taunton, MA, due to it being a historical centerpiece for the silver industry that began in the 19th century. Several companies like F.B. Rogers, Reed & Barton, and Poole Silver put out silver goods of the finest quality throughout the city. Taunton has been providing a sizable light display every December since 1914, which is why it has gathered another name of the “Christmas City.”

Taunton’s original boundaries included some of the lands that are now taken up by surrounding towns. These towns include Mansfield, Raynham, Dighton, Easton, Norton, Lakeville, and Berkley.

Understanding Taunton’s Beginnings and Rich History

Taunton is a town that became incorporated in an official capacity back in September 1639. Initially founded by settlers, many in the region were from Taunton in the city of Somerset, England. These English founders purchased this land in 1637 by the Nemasket Indians as part of the famous Tetiquet Purchase. The remaining native families here were then relocated to the town of Ponkapoag, which is now known as current-day Canton, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Poole was a central figure among the founders and said to be the first female to found an American settlement. The original Plymouth Colony was divided formally into two separate counties in 1685. Here, Taunton became a shire town for Bristol County. The Taunton area itself has been known as the site for battles and skirmishes throughout various conflicts, including that of the American Revolution and King Philip’s War. In May 1864, Taunton was then re-incorporated as a city.

During the 19th century, the city of Taunton was known for being part of the iron-making industry. Many goods were produced at this time, including tacks, machinery, and stoves. Mason Machine Works was one of the more successful companies throughout this period, which saw steam locomotive production and machinery production for the ever-growing textile industry.

Living, Raising a Family and Spending Time in Taunton, Massachusetts

There is a lot to love about New England's splendor, including four incredible seasons and a strong sense of community within each of the states. When it comes to Taunton, Massachusetts, you will see that residents have the chance to enjoy a dense suburban setting. Most residents own their homes, and there are plenty of lovely parks, coffee shops, and small businesses throughout. Additionally, public schooling is above-average, making it a stellar place to put down roots and raise a family.

There are many notable things to understand about this region, including:

  • Myles Standish Industrial Park, located in Taunton's north end, is one of the most sizable in New England.
  • A regional weather forecast office is operated in Taunton by the National Weather Service. This center serves the majority of Massachusetts as well as most of northern Connecticut and all of the state of Rhode Island.
  • In 2010, City Hall in Taunton was damaged severely by a fire set by arsonists. Since that incident, the local government has been in full operation out of the Oak Street office, the Lowell M. Maxham School's former location.
  • In 2012, the Taunton Global War on Terrorism War Memorial was constructed on Church Green in the City of Taunton.
  • Back in 2005, there was a whopping 9 inches of rain that came down on the city. As a result of this weather event, the Whittenton Pond Dam, located just north of the downtown area, was in danger of failure. Two-thousand plus city residents were evacuated, and all of the businesses downtown were ordered to close. While the dam did not fail, it did prompt the Governor at the time, Mitt Romney, to request a full and immediate inspection of the dams at high-risk throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Nobody Handles Flood Damage Quite Like the Technicians at SERVPRO – Call us to Your Taunton Home When You Need Rapid Cleanup and Restoration Assistance

If not addressed quickly, flooding at your Taunton home will lead to costly, extensive repairs. Rather than the clean water that comes from a broken pipe in your home or a faulty appliance, flooding brings with it contaminated water. Instead of tackling this with DIY methods, you need skilled IICRC-certified technicians like we have on-staff here at SERVPRO. We understand best practices for dealing with significant contamination to keep bacteria from spreading to unaffected areas of your home.

When you call us for help with flood damage in Taunton after a storm, we have a series of actions that we follow:

  • Our team extracts water while removing all bulk debris using pumps and heavy-duty extraction tools.
  • We work to return the relative humidity in your home to normal levels by way of industrial-grade dehumidifiers.
  • Air filtration devices are put into play, which removes contaminants and other particulates from the air.
  • Any remaining debris, unsalvageable materials, and other damaged contents get removed using controlled demolition to set the stage for full restoration. General contractor license #: CS-108357

When you need flood damage assistance after a significant storm, you can trust our crew at SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield to get the job done right the first time. We are available 24/7 by calling (508) 824-0200 for emergency restoration services. We are Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Have A Shining Good Time In The Silver City Of Taunton

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

Red brick house covered in snow with a green SERVPRO van in the driveway SERVPRO is Here to Help when a flood damages your property.

Even In Stormy Weather, Taunton Has Something For Everyone

Taunton is a modern and compact city of just 55,874 people, with a fascinating industrial past and a bright future. The county seat of Bristol County in Massachusetts is one of the oldest towns in the United States.

Members of the Plymouth Colony founded Taunton in 1637. Before the city's founding, the area was known as Cohannet or Tetiquet. Where many founders hailed from, Taunton got its modern name from Taunton, Somerset County, England. Taunton is also notable because one of its founders, who played a crucial role in its church's founding, was Elizabeth Poole. This pioneering lady was one of the first women to found a colony in the United States. She sailed to America from Plymouth, England, in 1633. She sailed in the company of fourteen servants, two friends, and plenty of goods and fishing provisions.

These days, anyone in England and interested in Elizabeth Poole can visit her birthplace, Shute Barton. This is an impressive and rambling medieval home. Here in Taunton, MA, history buffs can visit her grave.

Taunton, A City Of Iron and Silver

Taunton is not only famous for its age and its founders. It also has a long history as a producer of silver and iron.

Taunton Iron Works was first founded in 1656. It held a location on the Forge River banks in what was then part of Taunton and is now the town of Raynham. The ironworks was the first of its kind in Plymouth Colony and only the third ironworks to be established anywhere in New England. 

Early Taunton residents discovered bog ore, a kind of impure iron ore found in bogs, in the Taunton area. They realized this made it ripe for an ironworks and invited two experienced iron men who had worked at Braintree Furnace in Quincy, MA, to set up works in Taunton.

Taunton ironworks continued to produce iron until 1876, which means it was in constant operation for two hundred and twenty years!

Today, the ironworks site is marked by a small park, which is dedicated to the descendants of Theodore Dean, who was the last person to own the ironworks.

Although many of the old mills now have other uses, you can still visit the historic sites and admire the architecture. In and around Taunton, you will find:

  • The John Winthrop Jr. Iron Furnace Site, also known as the Braintree Furnace. This is the first iron blast furnace in the United States, and its founders went on to build Taunton Iron Works.
  • The Old Colony Iron Works-Nemasket Mills Complex in East Taunton. This site initially belonged to the Old Colony Iron Company, one of the most prolific iron producers in New England. In 1899 the New England Cotton Yarn Company acquired the site, and it became a textile mill. These days it is home to residential condominiums.
  • The Bridgewater Iron Works, in nearby Bridgewater. The Bridgewater works had a long and exciting history. The site was founded in 1707 with a blacksmith's shop and would produce iron pots for the whaling industry, cannons, nails, iron hoops for wooden barrels, and even steam engines. The works were a major producer of parts for the US Navy in the mid to late nineteenth century. These days the site is a public park, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. You can still see remnants of the old buildings.
  • The Whittenton Mills Complex is on the banks of the Mill River in Taunton. The site began life as an iron forge in 1670 and has also housed a nail mill and a textile mill. In more recent times, the area was used for filming several scenes from the movie Shutter Island.

As well as iron and textiles, Taunton enjoyed an illustrious history as a silver producer, and you can still visit the sites of several silver producers, including The Taunton Silverplate Company, Reed & Barton, and the Poole Silver Company.

The Past Is Always Present In Taunton

With such a long history, it is no wonder that Taunton is full of historical sites. Visitors who want to enjoy Taunton's past will love:

  • The Bristol County Courthouse, which was built in 1826 and is known affectionately as "ole copper top."
  • The Taunton Post Office, built-in 1931-32, is a beautiful example of Classical Revival architecture.
  • The Old Colony History Museum, whose parent society, the Old Colony Historical Society, was founded in 1853. These days the site houses an impressive collection of artifacts that show what life was like in the original Plymouth Colony.
  • Taunton Green Historic District, which was the heart of Taunton's commercial district in the nineteenth century. Historic buildings edge the pretty green, where you can see monuments to all the wars in which Taunton residents have participated.

When Storms Nearly Caused Disaster In Taunton

1832 saw the construction of the Whittenton Pond Dam, which was an earthen dam. The original barrier was made of wood, and in 1968 it failed and caused flooding in Taunton. In October 2005, the city was once again in danger of flooding due to historically heavy rainfall putting pressure on the dam. This caused widespread disruption:

  • Schools were canceled
  • 2000 residents were evacuated
  • National Guard troops were stationed nearby in case of emergencies
  • Roads were closed

Although disaster did not befall Taunton that day, inspectors found structural damage on the dam, and it was replaced. The replacement dam was removed in 2013.

SERVPRO Uses Water Pumps To Help Residents Deal With Flood Damage

Vacuum pumps were vital to preventing disaster in 2005. Authorities used high-volume pumps to fend off flooding by diverting water around the dam and draining nearby Whittenton Pond.

When storms cause flooding in the home, pumping out excess water is a vital first step. Water can quickly soak into everything, from furniture and textiles to drywall and insulation, causing damage to personal belongings and the property. Water also provides a breeding ground for mold.

SERVPRO uses a variety of pumps to remove excess water in the case of flood damage. We have powerful truck-mounted pumps for significant incidents and smaller electric pumps or even carpet wands for smaller areas. We train our technicians to know which pump is most effective in every situation. 

Pumping out water makes it easier to dry your home and salvage your belongings. Once the water has gone, our team will focus on using fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers to dry the area and restore your house, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Taunton / Mansfield is here to help with any flood damage issues. Call us today at (508) 824-0200.

Make Your Own Nature Inspired Festive Decor In Taunton This December

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

Green SERVPRO service vehicle with equipment outside the residence. Did fire damage hit home? Call SERVPRO for the expert techniques in fire restoration.

Brighten Your Taunton Home This Festive Season With Hand-Crafted Decorations

The Old Colony History Museum provides fascinating exhibits that take you right into the world of the early Taunton colonists. They also offer regular craft workshops to help you learn new skills. Wednesday Workshops are a popular fixture in the museum’s calendar. Come along in December to learn how to make nature-inspired festive decorations:

  • The workshop runs 5:30 – 7:00 on December 8
  • Costs $10 for non-members or $5 for members
  • Materials included

Space is limited, so please book in advance. If you cannot attend in person, you can join as a virtual attendee via Zoom. You will receive more information on how to access materials for Zoom attendees when you book.

It is always fun to learn new crafts, but businesses who run craft workshops need to be aware that crafts materials can provide fuel in a fire. For help with fire damage cleanup, call SERVPRO of Taunton / Mansfield at (508) 824-0200 

Share Your Love of Reading With Other East Taunton Bookworms

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

A group of people discussing a book in a book club in a home. Don't let your personal belongings get destroyed by mold. SERVPRO has the technicians to do the job.

Enjoy Reading Aloud With East Taunton Residents This Winter

The only thing better than a good book is sharing it with others. You can share your latest literary finds with fellow book lovers, thanks to the Taunton Shared Reading Book Group at Taunton Public Library.

  • Entry is free.
  • Refreshments are included.
  • Reading material is provided.

This is a relaxed and friendly group. You can read aloud if you would like, join in the literary discussions, or simply relax and listen.

The Shared Reading Book Group meets every Monday at Taunton Public Library from 2 PM – 3:30 PM. You do not need to book ahead or even read anything ahead of time. Simply turn up on the day and enjoy the materials provided.

Book lovers understand-the fear of moldy books. Protect your books by keeping them in dry places that are free of damp. If you are concerned about mold affecting your book collection, SERVPRO of Taunton / Mansfield is here to help with mold remediation. Call us today at (508) 824-0200.