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SERVPRO Professional COVID-19 Sanitizing Services

3/13/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield is trained, equipped and ready to help you sanitize your facility and its contents.

To our neighbors and clients,

We at SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield want you to know that we take the current status of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) seriously and are diligently monitoring the situation closely. We are prepared to respond when you need services for your business. Whether you would like to take precautionary measures to minimize the spread of germs with proactive cleaning or need to sanitize due to exposure of a person testing positive to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we can perform sanitizing cleaning services to disinfect both the facility and it’s contents.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please call us today at 508-824-0200.

Best Regards,
Bill and Beth Russell

How to Cleanup Sewage Backup?

3/15/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield offers the most professional & effective sewage cleanup for commercial and residential properties in Taunton & Mansfield.

Raw sewage backed up into your home or office can be a critical problem and can pose a serious threat to your health and property. Don't consider this as an easy cleanup; sewage carries all kinds of virus and bacteria which can become a reason behind various serious illnesses. If you are going to deal with sewage, it is important that you first wear protective clothing, gloves on your hands, goggles for your eyes and a respirator for breathing. Secondly, when removing items that are contaminated by sewage, dispose of them in accordance with your local city or state regulations.

Properly designated areas are present to dispose of carpeting, padding and other items in a local landfill, but sewage needs to be disposed of in a sanitary sewer system. You should never do it anywhere other than the designated area as it can become a health hazard for others and you will be penalized by the concerned authorities.

Following are some points that need to be kept in mind for cleanup sewage backup:

  • Remove all standing sewage from the flooring, bathtubs, or shower by using a vacuum system that has a filtration device to catch items that you would normally put in a toilet. If not handled properly, these items will become the reason for clog. Avoid using a regular floor vacuum cleaner for sewage cleanup at all costs. Waste that can be salvaged should be stored for later cleaning.
  • It is better to remove all wet carpeting, baseboards, drywall, wood flooring, vinyl flooring and throw them away. Water makes its way under your flooring and into the walls. As we are dealing with sewage-contaminated water, all materials that have come in contact with it must be removed and thrown out instead of just cleaning. Keep this fact in mind, sewage water is highly prone to mold growth due to a high level of contamination. Therefore, porous material such as carpet or wood flooring in the house will hold up bacteria’s which will later cause unpleasant odors and/or health hazards.
  • Once you are done with disposing of the contaminated materials, you can start with cleaning the remaining structural items such as concrete flooring and wood framework with the help of antimicrobial disinfectants to properly clean all affected areas. Repeat the cleaning process twice or thrice, just to be safe and for better results.
  • After the cleaning procedure has been completed and the affected areas are completely disinfected and sanitized, a thorough dry-out of all exposed framework and flooring is essential using dehumidifiers and air movers. This will rule out the possibility of mold growth. The speed of drying depends on the amount of saturation caused by the backup. It will also depend on the type of drying equipment used for the process to ensure its effectiveness. The average drying time is 3 days for most materials.

These were some important pointers that should be kept in mind. Sometime your insurance policy may cover sewage loss. Hence, it is always better to take pictures of the sewage backup before the cleanup is in order. Show it to the insurance agent to verify if it is covered under your policy or not. For any and all sewage cleanup, you can get in touch with SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield.

For more inquiries, call us at (508) 824-0200.

What to Consider Regarding Mold Growth After Flooding

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield is a professional water removal and mold restoration service which serves areas of Taunton and Mansfield, Massachusetts.

How to Handle Mold Growth After Flood Damage

Mold growth is a natural process that begins or speeds up once space has been flooded. Due to the excess water accumulation, the mold is provided with ideal conditions to breed. Before it starts to appear visibly, it makes the water musty which is another indication of mold growth in progress. For professional mold restoration services, it has to be eradicated completely to save the property of the client. Here are a few things to consider once mold starts growing after a flood:

Timeframe for Mold Growth

As an active, lauded and trusted water removal service in Taunton, MA and Mansfield, MA, SERVPRO has handled a huge number of mold removal cases. With years of experience on our side, we can clearly tell you that there is no set-in-stone timeframe for mold growth. However, according to EPA and CDC, the mold growth begins anywhere between 24 to 48 hours after flooding. During our services, we also consider the musky smell of accumulated water to be indicative of mold growth even if the mold is not visibly prominent. Depending on the area in question, external factors may also boost the process of mold growth. Warm, humid, dingy and dark spaces are more prone to mold than spaces that are properly ventilated.

Mold Removal Services

Professional mold removal services offer complete packages that cover everything under their restoration. Before you invest your time and money, contact the service and inquire about the procedures and available packages. A competent service such as ours, SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield, will always guide you with the right information so you can restore your property in the most productive way possible. We ensure that our clients receive the best quality removal service along with customer success, satisfaction, and happiness. Our expert crew is seasoned with experience in all sorts of damage restoration and mold is one of them.

To Hire or Not to Hire

SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield is a reliable service for commercial mold removal in Mansfield, MA as well as Taunton, MA. We also handle residential property to remediate mold whether it is on a large scale or confined to a small space. There are numerous tips and tricks for mold removal that you can carry out on your own. However, EPA and CDC recommend that you call in professionals to handle mold growth if it exceeds a total area of a 10-foot-by-10-foot area or 100 square feet. In these cases, we are always available round the clock on our emergency helpline. Just give us a call and we will swoop in to save your property and belongings while restoring it efficiently and effectively.

Save What You Can

Before you call us or our crew reaches you, there are a few things that you may be able to save on your own from the water damage. Keep in mind that before taking any action, ensure the safety of everyone including yourself.

Here’s what you can usually save:

  • Non-porous and solid items such as china, jewelry, porcelain, glass, metal and the likes
  • Furniture, even if its wood, can be saved provided it was in good condition before damage
  • A few types of appliances and electronics that have not been affected directly by water
  • Clothing, textile, artwork and similar items which hasn’t sustained much damage
  • Important legal documents, books, and photographs with minimal mold and water damage

For more information on mold restoration in Taunton, MA and mold removal in Mansfield, MA, call (508) 824-0200.

Taunton Family Calls SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield For Mice Infestation

6/10/2016 (Permalink)

Mice Infestation cleanup by SERVPRO of Taunton Mansfield

With the warm days of Spring come the chores of mulching the flower beds and cleaning  the yard up after the winter. Pulling out the outdoor furniture and stacking wood for those parties are other essentials for preparing for the Summer season. Humans are not the only ones who prepare for the upcoming season. However, in many cases property owners find that soon it is discovered that they need to evict wildlife after an unknown "winter rental." The fact they they have made their way into properties for the  winter results in a problem for property owners, especially if the issue is a mice infestation rather than just one unwanted guest there are usually many more than you see. 

Because these rodents are without a skeletal system, they can easily maneuver into tiny spaces to gain entrance to a building. Once they are in, they get behind walls, in attics, basements and crawlspaces where fluffy pink insulation provides the ideal spot for nesting. If you think rabbits multiply, mice can double in population just as easily.

Once you begin to see evidence of the rodents—usually in the form of tiny black feces no bigger than a sesame seed or holes chewed out of food containers in the pantry—you are going to have to address the problem. While getting rid of the mess of one or two mice is a one-person job, getting rid of many requires the expertise of a professional. While exterminators can come in and eradicate the property of the mice infestation, that is where their job ends—leaving the property owner with the clean up. And if there were a significant number of mice inside the structure, the damage and the clean up are going to be far more than just picking up a few droppings or throwing out food from the pantry.Hint: If you suspect a mice infestation, contact a professional immediately.

How To Deter Mice From Entering Your Home

  • Install door sweeps on exterior doors and seal cracks and holes on the outside of the home or building.
  • Do not leave doors open and this includes the bulkhead.
  • Keep trash in secure buckets outside and away from the house.
  • Dispose of trash on a regular basis.
  • Store firewood at least 20 feet from the home or building.

SERVPRO recently has been called onto jobs where the rodents had a field day, practically establishing an entire condominium complex inside the rafters of the basement. They damaged the insulation and contaminated large portions of the property. Our team comes in and removes the killed rodents—exterminators usually set traps containing poison that, once eaten, kill the creatures immediately which leaves a pungent odor. We also dispose of their feces and any contaminated insulation. Lastly we, sanitizing the framing and studs and replacing the insulation, making it “Like it never even happened.” If you would like help with this type of situation please contact us SERVPRO of Taunton/Mansfield

If You See Signs of Mice, Call Us Today – 508-824-0200