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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Why Taunton Residents Trust us to Deliver on Fire Restoration Services

1/31/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO will show you why we are what your Taunton fire needs.

A fire in Taunton is what SERVPRO is here for.

Property fires can occur from numerous sources with several stages of restoration to get your home back to its preloss condition. As a restoration service operating here in Taunton, we have seen fires as the result of faulty electrics, appliances, unsupervised cooking as well as candles, incense, or cigarettes. While the causes of fire are manifold, the results are almost always the same. Severe smoke residues, soot soiling on fabrics, charred debris, and unpleasant odors. Often materials severely damaged in fire need to be taken to a particular waste facility for safe disposal. The removal of soots can vary from building to building and material to material. Our team of fire and smoke damage restoration technicians are here to help guide your home to a preloss condition. 

Fire Damage

When particles are subject to extreme temperatures, they combust, releasing carbon as well as chemicals in the construction of the material. These chemicals are the root cause of fire damage in your Taunton home and can spread outward quickly from the source of ignition. Hot air rises, which is why the ceilings and upper walls are likely to sustain the most fire damage in your Taunton home. Pressure, created by the air exchange of hot and cold, can drive soot into small crevices like electrical fittings, inside cabinets as well as delaminating surfaces. Often falling soots can cause damage to furniture and upholstery. 

When beginning a fire restoration project in Taunton, the first step is to take any debris out of the building. Charred materials can continue to release odor and soot long after the initial blaze is brought under control. SERVPRO technicians can safely enter your property to seal debris and transport it out of the property. Using double-sealed waste bags prevents falling soot from being spread through unaffected rooms in the home. Often, materials with charring can continue to release chemicals into the environment, which is why they need disposal in an environmental protection agency (EPA) approved site. 

When attempting to restore a structure in Taunton, our technicians conduct comprehensive pre-tests to assess the type of smoke and the ph balance of the affected areas. By understanding the relative acidity and alkaline levels in each piece of structure or contents, SERVPRO technicians can ensure that the right products are put to use. Using the right products on the right materials can alleviate many soot-related soiling and restore contents to their preloss condition. 

Fire Cleanup

Hot smoke rises upward, depositing residues on to ceilings and upper walls. However, when the temperature cools, the soot can begin to fall. Performing fire cleanup in your Taunton home begins with light vacuuming to remove any falling soots and covering surfaces directly beneath the areas of significant soiling. SERVPRO restoration services incorporate pre-cleaning and carpet conditioning using a tailored approach to the type of carpets, fibers, and their related materials. 

Pre-inspecting carpet is an essential part of what we do during SERVPRO restoration. Accurately assessing the condition and make-up of a rug can save Taunton residents both time and expense. We use three testing methods to determine the fibers, colorfast, soiling, and stain resistance of your carpet. Technicians at SERVPRO may also ask you about any warranties or care instructions that accompany your carpets. Generally, the testing phase encompasses burn tests, chemical tests, and specific gravity testing. The combination of all three ensures that we do not irritate fabrics and cause unnecessary damage. 

Thick carpeting or rugs feature larger fibers that are more likely to attract and retain soiling. By using a truck-mount, our technicians can apply an emulsifying powder to the fibers of your rug. Emulsifying powder captures soiling, which can then be vacuumed out of a carpet. By using these powders in combination with light deodorants, our team is fully-confident of removing both soiling and odor from thicker rugs and carpet in your Taunton home. 

Smoke Removal 

The challenge of smoke removal in your Taunton home rests on the ability to identify and alleviate different types of smoke. There are two categories to consider in pre-testing, which cover wet and dry smoke-types. Often this aspect is the toughest for restorers as smoke can travel from the source of fire throughout the home in a short time. With high temperatures and pressure, the likelihood of soots bonding with surfaces increases, making safe removal even harder. 

Dissolution is a technique that SERVPRO fire and smoke damage restoration technicians (FRST) frequently use to restore walls and ceilings. Dissolution involves applying a chemical solution that bonds with soots to the affected area. Once the bonding process is complete, a technician can rinse, wash, and dry the wall removing the cleaning solution alongside the soiling for a clean finish. We may also need to dry the property of water used during the firefighting procedure by deploying extraction tools, portable heating, or air-moving equipment. Moisture in a smoke damage environment can permanently set staining or make odors more perceptible.

The type of smoke damage- either wet or dry- dictates the approach we adopt in your Taunton home. Wet smokes are the result of oily or synthetic materials. These can include plastics and animal fats. Dry smoke comes from burning natural materials like drywall or wood. We approach wet smoke using oil-based solvents which bond with the smoke deposit instead of splitting it like water-based solvents. Dry smoke residues are restorable using water-based solutions, which can be safer and kinder to materials. Tailoring our approaches ensures that Taunton residents do not suffer from further property harm during the restoration service.


When materials combust, they release chemicals into the surrounding environment. These chemicals can include odor-causing particles that can enter porous materials. Smoke odors can also linger in the air creating an unpleasant home atmosphere. Since there are a variety of odor sources, our approach to odor removal in your Taunton home must be multi-faceted. 

Cleaning the indoor air quality can go a long way to clearing away unpleasant, airborne odors. SERVPRO restoration technicians can deploy industrial air-scrubbers in your Taunton home. By combining these air-scrubbers with air-moves, we can both create and remove odor. Air scrubbers suck in contaminated air and filter it through several layers of purifying materials. These high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are capable of removing in microscopic odor particles from the surrounding air. 

Contents and possessions can also absorb odor-causing particles. Using hand-held spray equipment, SERVPRO restoration services can disperse light molecules of deodorant solvent onto furniture and fabrics. These deodorants incorporate into porous materials in the same way that smoke odors absorb and can lock odor into a structure where it no longer becomes perceptible. For massive odor problems, our team can fumigate your Taunton property altogether using ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers.

For all restoration services relating to fire, contact SERVPRO of Taunton / Mansfield at (508) 824- 0200.

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